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Newly Qualified Teacher Induction Co-ordinator/ Tutor Briefing


Newly Qualified Teacher Induction coordinator/ tutor briefing


NB. This session is a repeat on the September 2019 briefings for any coordinators/ tutors who were unable to attend.

In order to effectively support a newly qualified teacher (NQT) through their induction period, induction coordinators and/ or a representative tutor should attend this briefing to ensure that they have the knowledge, skills and expertise to guide and support an NQT.

It is recommended that schools send the NQT coordinator to this briefing if they have not attended in the last 3 years who can then feed back to their NQT tutor colleagues. The briefing will be similar to that offered during previous academic years.

The interactive session will ensure that you understand what your role entails, what best practice looks like and where to go for help and advice.


Training objectives include:

  • An understanding of the main statutory requirements for the NQT induction and assessment process to ensure you know what is expected from you and your NQT throughout their induction
  • Guidance on planning an individual programme of support
  • An understanding of working with the Teachers’ Standards: tracking and evidencing progress for the satisfactory completion of induction
  • To share resources effective in supporting induction to make your role easier
  • What to do if an NQT is causing concern and not making expected progress
  • To meet other Induction coordinators and tutors supporting NQTs and to share good practice
  • An understanding of how to register NQTs and complete NQT assessments using the ‘NQT Manager’ portal at https://lewisham.nqtmanager.com


NQT Co-ordinator, NQT Tutor

15 Jan 2020 13:00 - 15:30

Closing date: 15/01/2020
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Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) Appropriate Body and Primary NQT Training
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Date and Time

15 Jan 2020 13:00 - 15:30


Civic Suite (CS / Civic Suite), Catford Road, London, SE6 4RU


Susan Kermode
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