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Education Business Partnership

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Linking the worlds of business and education

Lewisham Council’s Education Business Partnership supports the raising of achievement, motivation, confidence and abilities of children and young people in Lewisham to help them prepare for education, employment, training or progression to higher education.

The Education Business Partnership works with a range of employers and businesses, voluntary sector organisations and schools to provide children and young people with a rewarding and realistic introduction to the world of work.

The Education Business Partnership achieves this through a range of activities like work experience (WEX) and careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG). This offer is available at Key Stage 4 (ages 14–16) and Key Stage 5 (ages 16–18).

Services provided within this Service Level Agreement include:

• Block, extended or bespoke work experience placements for both Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5.
• Careers education, information, advice and guidance.

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Work Experience


  • Key Stage 4: block style work experience for five or 10 days for young people aged 14–18.
  • Key Stage 5: block and extended work experience placements.
  • Both Key Stages: bespoke placements tailored for individual needs.
  • Health and safety checks before the work experience placement commences.


Drawing from the Education Business Partnership database of over 5,000 employers and voluntary sector organisations in and around London, the programme offers talks at assemblies and parent/carer evenings, employer engagement activities with a vast range of industries and sectors. There is an online placement selection and management system available to children and young people, parents, teachers and employers, with health & safety checks, job descriptions for placements, a placement recovery service, confirmation of placement service, tracking of placements, work experience diaries and work experience completion certificates are available to all stakeholders.


  • The Lewisham Education Business Partnership ensures that all work experience placements comply with national health and safety guidelines and quality standards.
  • For children and young people it enhances their knowledge and understanding of the world of work, increases self-confidence and understanding of teamwork, and helps them to make better informed decisions about their future. Placements provide practical experience and help to increase motivation, self-confidence and interpersonal skills.
  • For the employer, it provides opportunities to contribute to learning of children and young people, education sector and local communities and to build links which will enhance the profile and reputation of their own organisation and sector.

Please download the SLA for full terms and conditions.
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Careers Information and Guidance


Our careers education, information, advice and guidance programme (CEIAG) is centrally coordinated and brokered to raise awareness of post–16 pathways, including education employment and training, apprenticeships and routes to higher education to Lewisham secondary schools.

The programme offers:

  • One-to-one interviews and small group advice and guidance sessions.
  • Attendance at option evenings and parents evenings.
  • Action plans and an on-going programme of support targeted at young people identified at risk of not being in.
  • Education, employment or training (NEET), or not making a post–16 transition.
  • Support with post–16 applications.
  • In-school support on GCSE/results days.
  • Support for schools in their broader careers education activities.
  • To facilitate school and borough-wide careers events, industry days, progression, apprenticeships or higher education (HE) events.
  • Employer talks, career fairs, motivational speakers, college and university visits, coaches and mentors.
  • Access to traineeship and apprenticeship ambassadors for Lewisham schools.
  • Post–16 events, assemblies, one-to-one advice and guidance, parent’s evenings and employer talks.


  • Helps schools to deliver their statutory duty in relation to careers guidance for 13 - 18 year olds.
  • The CEIAG programme uses fully trained careers guidance practitioners to deliver the Lewisham programme.
  • The programme delivers a consistent message to help improve borough-wide awareness of post–16 employment pathways including traineeships and apprenticeships.
  • Complements the existing Lewisham Apprenticeship Programme.
  • Is a centrally coordinated service so ensures consistency across our borough. All our advisors are trained to a minimum of NVQ level 4 in CEIAG.
  • Provides differentiated support to young people to make good choices based on their aspirations and the information they can access.

Please download the Service Level Agreement for full terms and conditions.
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